Management Teams

Partnership with Management

Clarion seeks companies with management teams whose character, culture, and organization are conducive to forming true, long-term partnerships. We work closely with management and generally invest together, developing relationships that frequently outlast any single investment. We seek to align our interests with management both economically and strategically.

Provide Effective Resources and Support

Clarion is a hands-on partner, providing support to our management teams to aid their operations and growth and help them with important decisions. Our experience and extensive network can provide strategic support to companies to help them prosper.

Clarion works closely with management teams to:
Develop and refine the company’s strategy and operating plan;
Use our extensive networks to help create business opportunities;
Identify and complete value-adding mergers and acquisitions;
Focus on systems, controls, and processes to institutionalize businesses; and
Respond to legal and regulatory matters.

Working with Clarion

Clarion’s philosophy of a management partnership is to provide the proper balance of management independence and collaboration in order to maximize support of our portfolio companies.