Track Record of Success

Clarion has a history of successful transactions and providing attractive returns to our investors. The commitment to our strategy and the alignment of interests with our management teams afford a consistent investment process.

Disciplined Strategy

Clarion has a disciplined investment strategy which includes extensive due diligence, proactive governance, and portfolio oversight. Clarion devotes extensive time and resources to conducting due diligence on the front end of a transaction in order to identify and quantify opportunities and risks. Clarion has expertise investing in the following industries:

  • Business and Healthcare Services
  • Specialty Finance
  • Consumer Products
  • Specialty Retail
  • Media and Entertainment

Deal Structure Creativity

Clarion takes a flexible and creative approach utilizing a broad range of capital structures depending on market conditions, including buyout, growth, and recapitalization. In addition, we have a history of successfully acquiring control through a variety of strategies:

  • Traditional control investments
  • Debt acquisition
  • Public to private
  • Distressed situations

Extensive Experience

Our collective experience and backgrounds in finance, corporate development, and management consulting allow us to identify new investments and create attractive returns. In particular, our experience enables us to:

  • Identify value in out-of-favor or young industries;
  • Develop stable debt financing relationships; and
  • Gain the confidence of executives as value-added partners.