About Us

Clarion Capital Partners, LLC is a private equity investment firm, founded in 1999, which seeks to make primarily control private equity investments in a diversified portfolio of middle-market companies. The firm focuses on growth companies in industries such as Business Services, Healthcare Services, Specialty Financial Services, Consumer Products, Specialty Retail, and Media and Entertainment, where Clarion can enhance a company’s future prospects. We focus on equity investments in the range of $15-$50 million with enterprise values of $50-$200 million. Clarion considers and uses a broad range of investment structures including leverage buyouts, growth equity, and recapitalizations, and tries to apply the most appropriate capital structure to each individual situation.

We seek companies in which our principals can add value.

  • Clarion invests in companies that share similar characteristics with those in which it has invested previously, so that it can leverage its experience and relationships to accelerate growth.
  • Senior professionals have more than 82 years of combined private equity and leverage finance experience. The combination of our experience and skill sets has contributed to our consistent track record of success.

We align our economic interests with management and believe in partnerships that are long-term.

  • Typically a significant portion of management’s compensation is in equity, and Clarion expects management teams to invest meaningfully alongside us.
  • Clarion develops relationships that frequently outlast any single investment.

We leverage capital market skills in distressed debt and equity.

  • Clarion is highly flexible in its investment approach and focuses on investing not only in traditional buyouts and recapitalizations but also in growth equity investments or distressed debt situations.
  • Drawing on extensive capital markets and mergers and acquisitions expertise, the firm is able to capitalize on investment opportunities in all types of market environments.